India 2.0

Flourish & Knot

I’m baaaaack!

From India, that is. And I had the Most Amazing Trip. For the second time, I had the opportunity to travel to Churachandpur (which is in the north-eastern state of Manipur) with the James Connection. The James Connection is a charitable Christian organization that founded Angels’ Place, an orphanage that supports 160 of the neediest children in the Churachandpur area. At Angels’ Place, the children are housed, fed, clothed, and educated. This trip was a special moment for everyone, as it was in celebration of the orphanage’s 10th Anniversary and we were dedicating a new building, Lydia’s House.

Despite the hardship and tragedy these children have endured in their early lives, they are some of the kindest and hardest-working young people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They are motivated and intelligent, and have much to teach us about perseverance and resilience. They are spiritually connected, and share a…

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