he loves you

Do you want to accept Jesus as your lord and savior today… It’s important you do bcus even if you gain the whole world and loss your soul to the devil it’s a waste but an everlasting pain in hell … As my friend I pray that you take JESUS as your lord and savior


The man who died …is risen !

For God so love the world that he gave his only beloved son… John 3:16

He went through a lot in this last years of his but before this time he was loved by some quite few but when he became older things began to change as times and days passed by this so sweet young lovely man had to make a  very special sacrifice for the one he loves but tho this task was so so hard for just one person to carry out but guess what he did it.. He choose to prove his love to the one he loves… By dying….. It was a hard decision to make but he did it anyways… And before he went on the journey of death he promised to come back to continue his love after 3days he rose from death because he loves you so much better than anyone else! 

No one will ever understand you or love you as much as he those love you JESUS loves you so much!


The Extra Mile Valentine


Do to others as you will like them to do to you (LUKE 6V31 NLT)                                                                                                           Go the extra mile this valentine to show care to people around you, do it like you’ve never done before.

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