Even kings learn to be royalty….

for anyone to be a success there have to be a proof of learning…. 

You can’t be a king/royalty without been thought how to be one! Yes they say royalty is in the bloodline ok they’re right but it’s also in the mind, the heart, your ability to learn makes you royal! 

The word of Jesus Christ says… We are royal priesthood a peculiar generation… Why didn’t he say we are becoming royal or something… It’s because it’s always and forever the outstanding truth You’re Royalty! And you can’t know you’re royalty until you start learning… You can’t be a doctor or anything you want to be without learning! 

Just thought to let you know this…


missed you!

Heya did you miss me… I missed you too ok have been having exams that’s why I’m a bit off and on here, well I just want to say something special about you reading this…

You’re so blessed 

You’re so pretty 

You’re so sweet 

You’re so cute 

You’re so beautiful 

And most importantly you’re so loved by God!  (Jesus Christ ). 

Have a great day with big smiles on your face and know you’re the best of you!


Will be expecting you feedbacks


Love…maybe was meant to save us….

Yes love so you can be loved back..

Love is the sweetest thing in life my dear it’s pure perfection of God and who he actually is. A hurting person can’t love rather hurt others instead. But a person with love in him/her gives love no matter what! Why don’t you get healthy with hate? But when you love you become more beautiful ,stunning, strong keep naming… 

Give yourself a chance to be loved by loving other today.

Just give someone else a chance to love💑❤️❤️

Emeldaelijah@yahoo.com excited to have you comment and questions!!