Fighting Spiritual Warfare With the Armor of God

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The Armor of a Roman Soldier:

From the mid-eighth century BC to the end of the fourth century AD, Rome engaged in a nearly ongoing series of wars with its neighbors.  Everything from Rome’s constitution to their political ideas helped to make them a people of war with the most powerful military of their time.  They not only had the most powerful military but they also had the most innovative weaponry and armor.  Each Roman soldier carried a sword, roughly two feet long, and a dagger, attached to their belt.  For protection during battle each soldier also had a large curved rectangular shield, helmet, and segmented plate body armor.  A legion of soldiers would deploy out into battle in three lines with their shields facing outward.  This made the Roman army virtually unstoppable, because it would protect them from the attacks of their enemies and stop flaming arrows from penetrating…

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