Single but definitely not stupid!

You know most times you feel so empty,lonely and totally worthless….💔

Well guess what?!… That’s just a feeling and not your real you! …it’s an illusion , because you’re just the very best friend of you and only you can make you happy… 😃😂

Happiness can never come from outside or someone starts from within 

Only you can make it happen! You know why?.. It’s just simple to understand this  , because you’re so pretty, sweet and in fact you’re a sugar sweet plum rush!!!! 👌🏽…. Most importantly you’re God’s very proud prefect hand work and when he made you he said “you’re good”!….. So sugar rush live,laugh and love your Best!!!!👸🏻😂😍  

You’re not stupid to keep yourself until  the right time! Love you❤️