The devil just got kicked so hard!

You know when live hits you in a way that is unpleasant this is what you do….

Seat back and get ready to kick it (life) at the right eye!

Sometimes or should I say most of the times in life you get to a point …in life that you’re just not getting enough…yeah!…. And you just get fed up with the whole thing, including everybody around you at this time….trust me I have been there for sooooooo long and I can’t take it anymore…Have got to let go and let God me he knows what exactly to do we just need to let him do his work without worrying but rather believing.

Ok let’s take a quick look at this bible scripture that says; “cast all your cares (everything) you worry about for he cares for you”!..1peter 5:7 and so much more….

Just so you know this ..the devil doesn’t just go to someone who has nothing or let me put it this (devil) don’t go to people that have nothing to offer or lose really! Rather it(devil) goes to those who have so much to offer to the world I tell you this is what I found out…. But God is so much greater than that beast! Remember he (Jesus) said in his word … That he has given you/us the power to step on snakes and scorpions…. He did not just stop there…he went on saying also upon every creeping  thing that creeps on earth! Hallelujah praise God!

So much more to say…. The devil just got kicked hard! …and you ain’t seen nothing yet….

…That devil is a Big time loser!