Day 69 Let the little children come to me

365 Exhortations

The glowing grass (sand grass) is nestled between the two sand dunes, it is almost unseen by the person walking by. But it’s preciousness is assured. Fences have been erected by the local council to stop people walking on these dunes as the grass is being eroded away. When the grass is eroded away then these small patches of precious grass will wither. The large grass dunes with “marram grass” grow either side, and these stop the coastal erosion and trap sand to create dunes as a breakers. They also shield the smaller plants and encourage life.

The children are precious in that they are the future and we must pass on the good news that Jesus Christ brought. That salvation is offered to all, and joyous life with God in this life and beyond.

Perhaps to children, these are alien things to consider. They seem more concerned with the…

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