Guess Who

The Life and Mind of Tyler M

Guess who is maybe a cheesy romantic comedy, but something in it stuck out to me. In the movie Kutcher’s character said “No, that’s just it. She’s everything I’m not. You know she’s my other half. Without her I’m not while. You know the thing about meeting your half is you’re walking around thinking you’re happy, you think that you’re whole. Then you realize you ain’t shit without her. Then you can’t go back to being half cause now you know what it’s like to be whole.” The funny part I seen this movie I was about 10 or 11 and deep down I wanted to experience that feeling. Later on me and the half that makes me whole seen it and it was exactly how I feel about her. Right now I have good and bad happening to me but, I am not who I was before and I…

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