Don’t make it back, make it free!

Isn’t that beautiful? Yes it is of course… I love it totally it’s unique both for kids and young adults. So I want to just drop this one hear there’s a saying which says; “ make your bed how you want to lay on it”  so how do you make your bed? Do you make it in love, kindness which is the▶️ ( roses), or worries of life , relationship issues which is the ▶️(rocks)?  Remember how you make your bed determine how you will lay in it!  

Make a conscious decision to be a better you by not letting bad issues keep you on one spot .. Don’t!

  • Be determined!
  • Be courageous! 
  • Be happy! this is  more important. 

I used to let what people say, what they think to determine who I would be .. I use to totally depend on the thoughts of others not until I made a decision to be a better Me, i can’t be you or any other person my dear.  

Just know you’re a special person totally unique, outstanding no one can be like you or be you because of your kind has never been!

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