LOVE is kind!

Hey beautiful… I believe you all have a lovely night and you dreamt about me lols.. Just kidding.

Ok today I want to share something you all would love to know and it’s important you know  this lovies. Now talking about love some will say oh! Everyone knows about love sure they do know about the word  LOVE”  but I will share something most of you know and others don’t! Probably we all have heard of this saying… Love is kind,love is pure …and so it goes. But 1cor13:4 says … Love is patient, love is kind!.

Love is all you and I need to be free from pain, shame, hurt and everything that makes you lock it all up inside. Love is kind which means no matter what happens no matter the situation love is always love it can’t and won’t change to be wicked or harsh! So lovies I hope you get that love does not have or hold you up in FEAR! ……..

 I will love to hear from you and I will do me best to get back to you… Email me –  I really hope to hear from you see you soon😘


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