Fear not!!! 

The world is now rounding up or should I say has… Terrorist attack every where no where is safe any more brothers killing brothers sisters betraying sisters husbands and wives aren’t out of this … It is say in that in the last days things of sort will happen even worst but to them who have there hope trust in the only true God (Jesus Christ) non of this shall by any he did not say some means he said any which means nothing can touch you as long as you are in Christ Jesus! So I ask you my lovies where is your trust who is it on?? It’s time to know your stand …. So I say let anyone who thinks he stands strong be watchful less he/she falls (collapse)  just wanted to let you all know it shall Not come near your dwelling! You are loved!!!  Grace.💗

http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30765824  you can just check the link out and Pray for Paris Europe 

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